CCM’s Bashiru tells the electorate not to vote for drunkards

Wednesday July 10 2019


By Florah Temba,Mwananchi

Mwanga. The CCM Secretary General Dr Bashiru Ally has on Wednesday July 10, 2019 called upon CCM members not to vote for candidates who are drunkards in case they are selected by election committee.

 Dr Bashiru said this while addressing the party’s leadership in Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region.

“My advice is if they select a drunkard and you know him very well even if he or she is from CCM, deny them your vote. There is no any reason why you should vote for such a person. The party has a lot of qualified members even if we are to hold elections every day,” he insisted.

He also asked those in power to choose the correct nominee and avoid electing on the basis of nepotism which will in the long run bear no fruits to the electorate.

 “We want candidates who can work in line with our President John Magufuli’s speed that is the true example of leaders we want, you have to assess a person who will be faithful and patriotic,” insisted Dr Ally.

On his part CCM Chairman in Kilimanjaro Region Patrick Boisafi reiterated that they will make sure the party gets the best candidates to hoist the party’s flag.