CCM warns against sabotage by party insiders

Sunday September 20 2020

President Magufuli on the day he kicked off his

President Magufuli on the day he kicked off his party's campaign. FILE 

By Kelvin Matandiko

Dar es Salaam.  Tanzania's ruling party CCM on Saturday warned a section of its members who are allegedly planning to sabotage the party ahead of the October 28, 2020 General Election.

 It is alleged that a section of disgruntled CCM have plans to sabotage the party after being dissatisfied with the councillorship and parliamentary nomination processes.

 The party’s secretary general, Dr Bashiru Ally, issued a stern warning yesterday, saying stringent action would befall those planning to mess with the party ethics.

 “Now I assure you that when the traitors and the hypocrites are found, we will not take actions against them in the midst of this war (election campaigns) and no one should touch such people during the war,” said Dr Bashiru while at a meeting with party leaders from the grassroots, branches and wards in Bukoba Urban District.

 Dr Bashiru made the remarks while outlining the party’s stance on the nomination of candidates for special seats, councillorship and parliamentary seats within the party.

 He said during the nominations for Special Seats’ councillors, the regional councils were the ones making the final nominations; however, there were some leaders who were trying to tamper with the results.


He explained that the members planning to betray the party were doing it out of their personal interests.

He warned that all members found to be disloyal to the party would face severe disciplinary action, including expulsion from the party.

 “We are satisfied with the evidence... at the end of the election, the hypocrites will all be dealt with,” he warned.

 Commenting on the scenario, Prof Mohamed Bakari of the Department of Political Science and Good Governance at the University of Dar es Salaam, said it was a normal decision for a political party to caution its members during elections to protect its survival