Four fire casualties transferred to Bugando Hospital

Tuesday September 15 2020


By Peter Saramba

Mwanza. Four of the seven pupils who were injured on Monday night’s fire that razed down a boys' dormitory at Byamungu Islamic Primary School in Kyerwa District have been transferred to Bugando Referral Hospital in Mwanza.
The midnight inferno killed 10 pupils, seven were injured and more than 50 escaped with minor injuries with three of them to fleeing into hiding for several hours in a banana plantation.
The four who were transferred to Bugando were among six who were first admitted at Nyakahanga Hospital in Karagwe District.
Speaking to The Citizen’s  by phone today, September 15, the Chief medical officer of Nyakahanga Hospital, Dr Furaha Kahindo said the decision to refer the injured to Bugando was because they needed more specialized treatment.
"We are still left with two hospitalized casualties who we are providing with care and close supervision to ensure their condition stablises," said Dr Kahindo.
The injured who were transferred to Bugando are between the ages of six and 12 and have been found to have burn injuries of between 20 and 56 per cent.
As the investigation into the cause of the accident continues, the school's director, Abdul Bushangama, is being held for questioning by police.
The Education Officers and Inspectors are all in the list of those who will be questioned on whether they were aware of the condition of the accommodation facilities at the school
The arrest warrant for the owner of the school and the interrogation of education department officials was issued by the Inspector General of Police, Simon Sirro when he visited the scene on Monday, September 14, 2020 where he also promised to send a special investigation team from the police headquarters in Dodoma.
Kagera Regional commissioner Marco Gaguti yesterday announced the government's decision to use genetic tests (DNA) to identify 10 students who died in the accident due to their bodies being damaged to the extent they could not be identified.