Government warns defiant self-proclaimed ‘activist’ Cyprian Musiba

Friday September 13 2019
Kangi pic

Dar es Salaam. The government has distanced itself from activism by the self-proclaimed independent activist, Mr Cyprian Musiba.

Addressing a press conference in Dodoma after inspecting the construction of Fire and Rescue, as well as the Immigration Department headquarters, Home Affairs minister Kangi Lugola said there were people who would like the public to believe that Mr Musiba is being instructed to carry the type of activism that he is doing.

“It is false and improper to believe so, that is why, I would like to strongly warn Mr Musiba who has been trying to make the public believe that he was probably being directed by the government or the president,” he said.

He assured the public that the government was not instructing activists, warning activists to avoid getting involved in extreme activism which will force the public to believe that their acts are official.

“Even religious leaders from various denominations issued a statement in the past saying basing on what was being done by Mr Musiba, they were of the view that government had a hand in his actions,” he said.

Mr Lugola who doubles as the Mwibara Constituency MP, warned that police will take severe measures against Mr Musiba for threatening the public through his statements and acts.


“We will take strong action without fear or favour. Therefore, Tanzanians who have been forced to believe otherwise should bear in mind that this is a warning to Mr Musiba. He should practice clean activism,” he said.

Tanzanians including politicians, lawyers and businessmen have been calling upon the law enforcement organs to clarify or take action against Mr Musiba following his contradictory and threatening statements.

Responding to Mr Lugola’s warning  Musiba said there was no one to stop him in his mission of defending the government, “If he wants let him come and arrest me, I am ready,” Msiba told Mwanchi in an interview.