Hair we go: women react to 25 per cent tax on imported wigs

Friday June 14 2019


By The Citizen Reporter,

Dar es Salaam. It has always been a debate that no side has ever won, whether women look good in their natural hair or with the extensions with all sorts of names for, from Brazilian to Indian.

Many women prefer wearing extensions because they believe it makes them look good but now they will have to do that an extra cost, something that has angered many in Tanzania’s commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

On Thursday, June 13, many Tanzanian women were left spellbound after the finance minister Dr Phillipo Mpango slapped a 25 per cent tax on imported wigs and hair extensions.

Speaking to The Citizen Irene Simweza who owns a salon in Sinza, Dar es Salaam she said the new taxes could easily drive away her customers because it will naturally mean the prices will have to go up.

“I have wigs and extensions here that cost between Sh50,000 to Sh450,000 now with the new taxes, I think you can help me do the math. Numbers will automatically drop” said Ms Simweza

She wondered what wrong women have done to deserve such a punishment, yet when they look good it is not just for themselves.


“I just can’t understand that of all the items it had to be wigs and extension. For your information some women go the distance in order to impress their men,” she said.

Leyla shaban on the other hand believes that this is going to take hit on the quality of the wigs in the market because some who can’t resist the allure will resort to cheap products.

“Women love their hair, and there is just no way you are going to separate them,” she said.

Maureen Matula says she doesn’t foot the bill for her hair had a naughty suggestion because she thinks women are not going to bear this on their own.

“The 10 per cent tax for locally-made wigs and the 25 per cent tax for imported wigs is too expensive for most women, but I think this is going to hit men as well because they will be forced to pay more if they want their women to look good,” said Maureen from Mbezi Beach.

She adds: Not every woman can grow long natural hair and besides it is very expensive to maintain, that is why we resort to extensions which are not all that bad.