Halal Night Club opens in conservative Saudi Arabia

Thursday June 13 2019


Jeddah. The Dubai based nightclub, White, is expected to open a “halal” nightclub in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia.

The nightclub will not serve alcohol and will operate from 10 pm to 3 am, revellers aged 18-years and over will be allowed entry to the club.

The night club will make its debut today, June 13 with a concert  led by US singer Ne-yo.

The news generated different reactions, including mockery, surprise, and controversy, as well as anger.

Some Twitter users, however, broke a party on social media with the hashtag “Disco in Jeddah.”

One Twitter user said,  “White club in Jeddah?! You must be kidding me!!”


Another person tweeted: “Guys help our religion is deteriorating. They literally built a ‘halal’ disco in Jeddah.”

“It seems like true disco in Jeddah so if it is then the Royalty of Islamic Kingdom has shaken badly from inside. May Allah prevent us all from evil and this fitna that is making its roots near holy cities,” said a third Twitter user who opposed the initiative.

Videos have also been also circulating from what is believed to be the  White disco. The nightclub will only serve sheesha or hookah.

On May 6, the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia, or the Shura Council, approved the provision of sheesha products in the restaurants and cafes of Saudi cities, “according to specific regulations,” reported the Saudi newspaper Ajel.

In January,  Turki Al Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the General Authority for Entertainment, promised that his country will issue licenses for live shows in cafes and restaurants.

“We accept applications for licensing of live shows in restaurants and cafes,” he said.

The move aims to give permits to cafes and restaurants to host live music shows and stand-up comedy. The move is part of vows of reform promised by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as part of his 2030 reform plan.

The plan calls for opening the Saudi kingdom to the world.

Saudi Arabia has recently allowed women to drive and lifted the ban on cinemas and artistic festivals.