Human resource, services, land inputs vital for agricultural productivity

Friday May 24 2019


By Rosemary Mirondo @mwaikama

Dar es Salaam. Sokoine University of Tanzania (SUA) economist, researcher and advisor, Anna Temu has said that market components are vital for the growth of the agricultural sector.

According to her, markets are not only about trade but it also includes lands, human resource, technology, services as well as inputs.

She said this on Thursday during the fourth Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum themed ‘Agriculture, our lifeline’.

"As a country we need to look at the markets individually and ensure all are doing well otherwise when one falls they rest are affected and ultimately affects the whole agricultural chain,” she said.

Explaining she said for decades the land market has been faced with conflicts thereby affecting the whole chain of farming as land is the backbone. 

Regarding human resource, she said, it remains the biggest challenge especially as it has always been perceived that it involves low skilled laborers who have failed at either primary or secondary school levels.

According to her, Tanzania has always lagged behind compared to other African countries while service markets has remained another stumbling block with most of the research not reaching farmers.

On inputs, she said that it is important to ensure farmers have access to improved seeds, fertilizer, among others.