Is Diamond platnumz a star struggling with family issues or a man on the mend?

Dar es Salaam. Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz is a man who is never short of drama, from his music to his illustrious list of female partners that is not to mention his philanthropy.

His large following which in tens of millions is one that transcends boundaries one that has come courtesy of his list of hit singles which now includes single ‘Jeje’.

This week, he surprised many with an offer to pay three-month rent to some 500 families in Dar es Salaam, an offer that has attracted criticism from both friends and foes, including mother of his children socialite Zari Hassan.

At one point they couple were the most talked about in East Africa’s showbiz and beyond.

But amid his illustrious lifestyle and meteoric rise on the music scene in the past decade, Diamond probably is more famous for his relationships that have on many occasions not ended so well.

And true to his ways he has on many occasions taken to media to address what is going on in his personal life.

This week after his former flame labeled him a clown, he took to his radio station to clear the air, and among other things he addressed the Zari affair, the amicable breakup with Tanasha Dona and Hamisa Mobetto’s role in AliKiba’s single ‘Dodo’.

As far as Zari the mother of his two children: I told her that we should strive to avoid getting into unnecessary squabbles and especially through social media platforms, we had very fruitful discussions and, for the first time, we held one-on-one discussion.

He added: I told her that my feeling was that she was punishing me through the kids which she said she did not harbor such intentions….We realized that there have been a miscommunication between our two lawyers,” he says.

On Tanasha, he said he really wanted it to work and that he had put to rest his philandering ways and that he was ready to settle down to raise a family with the Kenyan.

On Hamisa he said he gave the video model a node to go ahead and work with AliKiba on the video of Dodo.

He has fathered four children with the three women- three sons and one daughter – all these children live with their mothers.

Deep down there is every sense that the 30-yeare-old is a man who is struggling to gain family foothold for his children’s upbringing.

His success on the music scene has not been replicated on the family frontier where he doesn’t seem to have a holding.