Lissu: We’ll inquire into all injustices

Friday September 25 2020

Chadema members and supporters from Nkome Ward

Chadema members and supporters from Nkome Ward in Geita Region follow the campaign speech by party’s presidential candidate Tundu Lissu yesterday at the Ihumilo Bus Terminal in Geita District. PHOTO | CITIZEN CORRESPONDENT 

By Louis Kolumbia

Dar es Salaam. Chadema’s presidential candidate Tundu Lissu yesterday pledged to form a judicial commission of inquiry into incidents of injustice against fishermen in Nkome Village and other places in the country.

The ex-Singida East legislator and Tanganyika Law Society president made the promise during a campaign rally at the village.

The firebrand politician who addressed other rallies in Rwenzela and Katoro villages said the commission will be tasked to reveal the truth on claims of involvement of government officials in the vices.

“The law will take its course against government officials who will be implicated in the incidents,” he told the cheering crowd.

He said fishermen in Lake Tanganyika had cried out about their fishing gear being destroyed, fish seized, and being subjected to heavy penalties. “The same is happening in Kagera. It is terrible here where I’m told there are people who have been killed. Nobody has the right to kill another. A person can be sent to the gallows only if he committed treason or murder,” he said. He said freedom, justice and people’s development promised in his party manifesto aimed to enable citizens carry legal activities without interference of authorities.

In Rwenzela Village, Geita Rural, Mr Lissu asked the citizens to elect party’s councillors and parliamentarians and the president.


“Councillors and legislators will advocate your rights in councils and Parliament while the president will console you,” he said.

In Katoro Village, he said party’s regional chairman Alphonce Mawazo was brutally murdered simply because he held a different political ideology. He promised to hunt down the murderers as per the laws.

He said people disappearances and abductions must end in the country.

“Therefore, let’s cast ballots like a storm on October 28 to change things in the country and bring true freedom, justice and development of our people,” he said.