Lissu pledges to put an end to social, economic injustice

Thursday September 24 2020

Chadema’s Union presidential candidate Tundu

Chadema’s Union presidential candidate Tundu Lissu flashes his party’s ‘V-symbol for Victory’ after arriving at Biharamulo District in Kagera Region yesterday where he addressed thousands of supporters. PHOTO|THE CITIZEN CORRESPONDENT 

Dar es Salaam. The presidential candidate on the Chadema ticket, Mr Tundu Lissu, yesterday promised to end social and economic hardships that Tanzanians have been facing.

Mr Lissu -who doubles as party’s vice chairman (Mainland) -, made the statement at Biharamulo District in Kagera Region during a campaign rally on his way from Bukoba and Muleba.

“Tanzanians should not pass through ordeals I have experienced. We need to have a government that protects its people and comfort them,” he said, during a live broadcast event through social media.

The firebrand politician said farmers and traders were all complaining about a variety of issues, cautioning them not to make a mistake at their respective polling stations.

Mr Lissu, who survived an assassination attempt in 2017, asked the voters to vote for a candidate who will lead in accordance with what the constitution stipulates.

Addressing a rally in Kamachumu, Muleba District earlier, Mr Lissu who is also at former Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) president said the gradual fall of coffee prices was a matter of serious concern.


“Coffee prices have fallen to Sh1,100 from Sh2,100 recorded five years ago. This is huge blow to a region that largely depends on coffee as its cash crop.

Likewise, the price of sugar had soared to Sh3,000 from Sh1,800,” he said.

He queried, if residents in Kagera that has a sugar factory are forced to dig deep into their pockets for a kilogram of sugar, what would be the case for citizens in other parts of the country?

He promised to promote coffee production and trade with other East African Community (EAC) countries  if elected president.

“We will form an economic system that will allow citizens in border regions to sell their produce including coffee to neighbouring countries offering better prices without restrictions instead of cooperative unions where they are not paid on time,” he said.

He called on citizens to vote for Chadema councillors and parliamentarians, reiterating the party’s position that rigging and theft of votes would not be accepted this time around.

“We are going to win this election because Tanzanians are tired of harassment and they are ready to do the liberation job by ensuring councillors and parliamentarians win elections,” he said.

The notion of accepting rigging and leave matters to God will not be there,” he told Biharamulo residents who turned out in large numbers.