Mother killed for son’s meal ‘theft’

Thursday February 14 2019

Kilimanjaro Regional Police commanderr Hamis

Kilimanjaro Regional Police commanderr Hamis Issah speaking at the past event. Photo|File 

By Janeth Joseph @TheCitizenTZ

Rombo. Ngararimo - a boiled whole maize and beans meal - is famous in parts of Rombo District, but its ‘sweetness’ turned sour when it resulted into the death of a resident of Lessoroma Village, Kitirima Ward in the district.

Police in Rombo have launched a manhunt for people who are suspected of killing Adelaide Onesmo after her hungry Standard Six son was claimed to have been caught stealing ‘ngararimo’ from a neighbour’s house.

“We will hunt and bring them to book as we continue keeping the deceased’s body at Karume Hospital,” Kilimanjaro Regional Police commanderr Hamis Issah said. Lessoroma residents say Ms Onesmo’s son, who schools at Kiraro Primary School, was hungry when he decided to go and help himself with ‘ngararimo’ from a neighbour’s house on Monday.

That conduct by the boy irritated some neighbours who went straight to his (the boy’s) mother to question her about her son’s behaviour.

When the woman issued no compelling responses, the neighbours started attacking her, causing her to suffer multiple injuries.

Some neighbours now want those involved in the fracas be brought to book.


“This is quite disheartening. For child, begging or even stealing food from a neighbour cannot be a crime whose punishment is death. The government must take stern measures against those involved,” said Ms Agatha Tarimo.

Kitirima Ward councilor Joseph Minja confirmed the incident, saying Ms Adelaide Onesmo died while receiving treatment from the injuries she sustained after she got beaten by her angry neighbours

“After stealing, the boy ran to her parent’s house and hid himself. When the angry women went to the boy’s mother, they could not find him there so they started questioning his mother. When she failed to issue responses, they started beating her. The next day, the beaten woman woke up with serious body pains and when she went to the hospital, she died there,” said Mr Minja.

He criticized a growing tendency of people taking the law into their own hands by handing several penalties on people they suspect to have conducted criminal offences.