Mwanza airport in dire need of modern scanners

Saturday June 15 2019


By Johari Shani @TheCitizenTz

Mwanza. Mwanza airport is in a dire need of modern scanning machines due the outbreak of Ebola disease in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, Minister for health, gender, community development, children and the elderly Ms Ummy Mwalimu was told.

Speaking during the minister’s tour yesterday June 14, the airport acting manager Mr Seneth Lyatuu told the minister that the airport, which receives travelers from neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Kenya has only two old and dilapidated scanners.

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“We receives travelers from Uganda and DRC, where there is Ebola outbreak so we need modern scanners if we are to prevent Ebola outbreak in the country,” said Mr Lyatuu.

Ms Mwalimu insisted that the airport should thoroughly inspect people, who arrive and leave the country, by using the current scanners, while procedures to acquire new equipment are completed.