NEC suspends NCCR’s Mbatia from campaigns for 7 days

Saturday October 17 2020


By Daniel Mjema

Moshi. The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has suspended NCCR-Mageuzi’s James Mbatia from campaigning for 7 days with Election Day just some 11 days away.

Mbatia who is vying for the Vunjo constituency in Kilimanjaro is also the party’s chairman will serve his ban with effect from today Saturday October 17 until October 23.

“It is true I have been suspended, this is despite the fact that I gave the r evidence as I was required to present  to the ethics committee,” said Mbatia.

According to the ethics committee Chairman Michael Mwandezi Mbatia has been suspended for campaigning using a prospectus which has not been approved by the election supervisor in the constituency.

It was not clear whether the complaint was made by other contestants or it was something that was decided by the ethics body on its own.

Mbatia becomes the third high profile opposition member to be suspended from campaigns after Chadema’s Lissu, ACT wazalendo’s Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad who are presidential candidates for Mainland and the Isles respectively.