PCCB questions 69 Chadema legislators over embezzlement claims

Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Director General Deusdedit Kakoko

What you need to know:

Sitting and ex-Chadema lawmakers are to be interrogated at the PCCB headquarters in Dodoma starting today until next week following reports from party MPs who recently defected to other parties that Sh1.56 million and Sh520,000 have been deducted from their monthly salaries since 2016  without knowing how the was spent.

Dar es Salaam. The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) is questioning 69 sitting and former Chadema legislators following embezzlement claims directed to Tanzania's  main opposition party.
In a statement released on Wednesday, June 10, PCCB says the MPs are to be questioned following claims levelled by lawmakers who defected to other political parties that a significant amount of funds have been deducted from their monthly salaries since 2016 without getting expenditure reports.
The PCCB statement says Sh1.56 million and Sh520,000 monthly deductions had been made monthly from party’s Special Seats MPs and constituency lawmakers respectively.
“The PCCB director general told the media on May 27,2020 that investigation on the matter had commenced by questioning some of the people implicated in the matter,” reads the statement.
The statement adds, “We are doing this because we believe claims could involve offenses related to misuse of party funds or abuse of power falling on the PCCB Act number 11 that leads to the bureau’s execution of responsibilities.”
According to PCCB, Chadema incumbent and former leaders, legislators who raised claims, leaders of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and party’s members of the board of trustees have been questioned.
“We are now questioning sitting and ex-Chadema lawmakers during the exercise that commences today at the PCCB headquarters in Dodoma until next week,” reads the statement.
Meanwhile, the PCCB in Morogoro Region is investigating former Special Seats MP Dr Christine Ishengoma allegedly for involvement in bribery incidents ahead of the forthcoming general elections.
The regional PCCB chief Janeth Machulya said the regional anti-corruption body is also expecting to arraign former Morogoro municipality mayor and Boma councillor Amiri Nondo and three co-accused persons over economic sabotage charges.