Registrar warns political parties over endorsements

Wednesday September 23 2020

The Registrar of Political Parties, Judge

The Registrar of Political Parties, Judge Francis Mutungi. 

By Louis Kolumbia

Dar es Salaam. The Registrar of Political Parties (RPPs) has warned candidates from various political parties who are campaigning for candidates of other political parties ahead of October 28, this year General Election.
In a letter dated September 18, 2020 signed by deputy registrar of political parties Sisty Nyahoza addressed to political parties secretary generals says that the act contravenes Section 11A of the Political Parties Act Cap 258.
“Therefore, the RPPs reminds leadership aspirants of various political parties to abide by demands of the law during campaigns,” reads part of the letter.
Added: “Also, you’re supposed to remember that the RPPs is obliged to take legal measures whenever a political party defies the Political Parties Act and Elections Expenses Act Cap 278.”
The letter says the registrar will not hesitate to take appropriate legal measures whenever confirmed that a political party has violated the above laws.
The RPPs’ warning comes just hours after leader of ACT-Wazalendo Zitto Kabwe announced in Tabora that his party has agreed with Chadema on certain cooperation modalities that will unveiled during a rally slated to take place at the Mwembeyanga Grounds, Dar es Salaam on October 3, this year.
Earlier on this year Tanzania Labour Party (TLP) and United Democratic Party (UDP) endorsed CCM presidential candidate, President John Magufuli for this year’s polls.
However, Section 11A of the Political Parties Act Cap258 titled ‘coalition of political parties’ provides that;
(1) Two or more political parties fully registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act may form a coalition before or after general election and shall submit to the Registrar an authentic copy of the coalition agreement entered into between or among such parties.
(2) The decision to form a coalition shall be made by a national general meeting of each political party intending to form a coalition and shall be in writing and duly executed by persons authorized by political parties to execute such agreements on behalf of each political party intending to form a coalition.
(3) A coalition agreement entered into before a general election shall be submitted to the Registrar at least three months before that election.
(4) A coalition agreement entered into after the general election shall be submitted to the Registrar within fourteen days after the signing of the coalition agreement.
(5) A coalition agreement shall set out the matters specified in the Second Schedule to this Act.
(6) Political parties to coalition under this section shall maintain their status as individual registered political parties, and shall continue to comply with all the requirements governing political parties under this Act and any other relevant laws.