Boxrec admits data error in Mwakinyo’s latest ranking

Sunday April 5 2020


By Majuto Omary @majutoy2k

Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania Professional Boxing Regulatory Commission (TPBRC) has said Tanzanian professional boxer Hassan Mwakinyo has to remain calm as the world’s boxing records (Boxrec) confirmed that the fighter’s recent ranking should be ignored due to a computer data error during the talling.

According to this month’s rankings, Mwakinyo sits in the 86th slot contrary to his 24th previous position out of 1, 802 boxers in the Super Welterweight boxing division.

Mwakinyo’s fall was not normal as he dropped to 62 positions and his points were deducted to 5.367.

The position shocked many professional boxing stakeholders due to the factor that most of the sports activities have now been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking with The Citizen yesterday, TPBRC secretary general Yahya Poli said they communicated with Boxrec officials on the matter and the latter admitted that it was a computer talling error. According to Poli, the officials said the error had not only affected Mwakinyo, but also other professional boxers in the world and promised to rectify it in not less than 14 days from now.

“I call upon Mwakinyo and other professional boxers in the country to remain calm as Boxrec are resolving the matter as it is not the first time such an error to occur,” said Poli. He explained that even Light Middleweight boxer Abdallah Pazi alias Dulla Mbabe faced the similar problem and that Boxrec rectified it after they were informed.


“I know Mwakinyo was psychologically affected by the latest ratings, but we communicated and were informed to remain calm as their authority is working on the matter,” he said. He explained that computer errors are common in the world and that not only in boxing, but also in other sectors.

“It has also happened to a number of bank acounts and solved,” he said. “So, it is upon Mwakinyo’s management to ensure their boxer keeps training while taking precautions against coronavirus. As a boxer, he has to be fit enough, due to the fact that anytime and anywhere he can be required to fight,” he added.

Mwakinyo was scheduled to fight Jack Culcay for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Super welterweight title in Germany. The bout was to be held on March 21, this year, but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Culcay, who was ranked 14th, is now ranked seventh in the same weight category, although he had not fought any boxer. In 2018, the talented Tanzanian made tremendous strides after registering a technical knock-out (TKO) win against England’s Sam Eggington at the Birmingham Arena. The victory powered the then 23-year-old boxer into 16th out of 1,845 super welterweight boxers. Currently, Eggington is ranked 32nd with 16.51 points. Mwakinyo’s last fight was in November last year against Filipino boxer Arnel Tinampay, whom he beat on points at the Uhuru Stadium.