Standard Chartered launches new feature on its mobile platform

Wednesday October 9 2019


By The Citizen Reporter Dar es Salaam

Standard Chartered Bank, Tanzania has today October 9 announced a new feature on its ‘full digital bank on mobile platform’ as part of marking the Customer Service Week, this week, themed ‘the Magic of Service’.

In a press release issued by the Bank, the head of retail banking, Ajmair Riaz, said that they are continuing to look into various ways in which the Bank can further enhance the banking experience for its clients.

“As we mark the Customer Service Week this year we continue to look at how we can further enrich the aspect of banking for our clients and make it not only transaction based but much more than that. We want our clients to enjoy full convenience as they do their banking with us,” said Mr Riaz.

He added: It is in this regard that we are announcing a new feature on our Digital Bank on Mobile called the Visa QR Code Payments capability.

He said the new addition makes payments for any purchases made at QR code enabled outlets simpler and seamless.

“This new capability eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords thus making our clients’ banking experience more convenient.” Mr. Riaz said.


He also highlighted that the capability works worldwide at all Visa QR Code enabled outlets.

“To activate the feature, clients need to download the new version of the App. and can start using the Visa QR code capability.”

Mr. Riaz also highlighted that during the Customer Service Week, various customers have been visited at their premises to further create awareness about the bank’s digital banking capabilities among other solutions.

“The Customer Service Week marks an opportunity for us to further educate our clients on our various products and services and how we are making banking more convenient for them. Our clients want immediate services and more control of their banking transactions. This is the Magic of Service that we are giving our clients through the Digital Bank on Mobile.”

In July, Standard Chartered launched the country’s first Social Banking Solution called SC Keyboard.

The SC Keyboard enables users to pay their bills, view their account balances and transfer money to their friends or family through any social or messaging platform, be it Whatsup, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger or traditional SMS’s.

In September,  Standard Chartered Tanzania was named the Best Consumer Digital Bank in Tanzania, 2019 by the financial journal, Global Finance.