Super model Flaviana Matata continues to touch lives

Friday July 10 2020
flavian pic

Dar es Salaam. Flaviana Matata is known for her graceful walks on the runway an attribute that has made her one of the finest models to represent Tanzania on the International scene.

With over decade in modeling, Flaviana, is not just a pretty face on the runway, she has plenty falling in place for her, modeling deals, a nail polish line and a foundation.

She has worked with some of the biggest brands and designers in Europe and the US such as Alexander McQueen, Torry Burch and Vivienne Westwood.

Her enduring spirit of hard work has also seen her sign endorsement deals such as one with America Express among others.

Her work on many occasions keeps her trotting around the globe, but when she is back at home in Tanzania, her presence is usually felt.

But for some time now she has not been on the catwalk due the global crisis which has brought the modeling industry just like many others to a halt


Beyond modeling Matata has a heart for Philanthropy, she has since started the  Flaviana Matata Foundation (FMF), an organisation that helps empower young girls in Tanzania. 

This week in the humble neighborhood of Chalinze in Pwani Region through the FMF, she handed over two staff houses to Msinune Primary School in Kiwanga.

She says the houses are the first phase of improving the learning environment of the school which had shortages of staff houses.

Earlier efforts included refurbishing of classrooms, building of staff offices, toilets for teachers and pupils, water and drainage system.

“We recognize the role of teachers in the provision of quality education and that is why among other things we are building eight houses,” she said.

She added: Our foundation has been partnering with this school for over five years we started with providing learning material, then came wells, classes and we are currently in the process of  building housing, the foundation believes that when teachers are guaranteed a better living environment they will definitely perform .

The District Education Office too recognizes her contribution because by putting a roof on a teacher’s head it touches many other lives.

“Flaviana through FMF has been a great friend to us, for sure she has even helped increase the pupils pass rate,” he said.

In an earlier interview with The Beat, she admitted that philanthropy is somehow a way of life for her.

 “This has been my way of giving back, the girls are now in school and I will ensure that they stay in school even if it means I will have to help only the 20 girls but I will ensure that they get where they deserve. What I am trying to do is to make sure the donations go straight to the cause.”

And she has some great advice for the young girls in Tanzania who she believes is the future of every great nation

“I always encourage girls to take education seriously because no one will take it away from you. It’s the one thing that no one can ever take away from you. Know what you want, focus, work hard and stay grounded. And most of all support one another,” she says

She adds: I also encourage them to understand what matters to them and their society–What’s important to you?  How do you want your life to touch others? What would make you proud? What are your values?