TLP's Mrema, Kinana, Lowassa excite CCM delegates

Saturday July 11 2020

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By The Citizen Reporter @TheCitizenTZ

Dodoma. Tanzania Labour Party (TLP) national chairman Augustine Mrema excited delegates to the CCM National Congress on Saturday July 11 over his party's recent resolution to endorse the ruling party's candidate in this year's Presidential Election.

In May this year, TLP announced that it will endorse President John Magufuli in this year’s General Elections.

Mr Mrema, along with his Civic United Front (CUF) counterpart, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba and UDP's John Cheyo, were some of the opposition party leaders who attended CCM's National Congress here on Saturday.

Delegates, clad in party regalia, jubilated when the CCM Secretary General, Dr Bashiru Ally, named Mr Mrema as one of the invited guests at the ruling party's National Congress.

Similarly, there was jubilation in the conference room when Mr Lowassa's and Mr Kinana's names were mentioned.

And when he was given a chance to address the delegates, Mr Mrema reiterated that his party was convinced that it would be a waste of its scarce resources to field a candidate while it was pretty sure that theirs would find it difficult to unseat Dr Magufuli for Tanzania's presidency.


"We then decided that Dr Magufuli is enough," he said.

This is the second time that TLP is endorsing Magufuli.

In his remarks, Mr Kinana - who received the ruling party's forgiveness over unethical conduct just yesterday - called on CCM members to remain united throughout the campaign period.

"The number of aspirants in some constituencies and wards is just very high. In Rorya for instance, some 60 CCM members have expressed interest in seeking the party's endorsement to run for that parliamentary seat. Ultimately, we will choose one person to represent CCM and we must all support his/her candidature," he said.

He exuded confidence that Dr Magufuli will receive a resounding victory in October when Tanzanians head to the polls.