These are the Top10 boys and girls in Form Six exams 2019

Thursday July 11 2019

The Necta's executive secretary Charles Msonde

The Necta's executive secretary Charles Msonde 

By Muhammed Khamis @TheCitizenTz

Zanzibar.  The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta) has announced both male and female top performing students in the 2019 Form Six national examination results, released today in Zanzibar.

Naming the top  10 students in the boys with their respective school and combination on brackets includes; Herman Pauline from Kisimiri secondary school (PCM), Benius Eustance from Mzumbe (PCB), Augustino Omar from Temeke (PCB) and  Satrumin Abrogast of Feza Boys (PCB).

Others are, Khalid Hussein Abdalla, Feza Boys (PCM), Assad Y Msangi also from Feza Boys (PCM), Peter Riima from Kibaha (PCM), Augustine Kamba OF Feza boys (PCM), Shedrack Leonartus, from Utawa (PCM) and lastly Noel Godwin Maro from St. Mary Goreti (PCM).

The executive director named the top girls as, Faith Matee from St.Mary’s Mazinde Juu (PCB),  Levina Chami of St.Mary Goreti (PCM, Wahida  Janguo, from Tabora Girls (PCB) and Vanessa R Rutabana, also from Tabora Girls (PCB).

Pielina M Figowole ,Tabora Girls (PCB), Loveness Samson, St.Mary’s Mazinde Juu (PCM), Wahida Mbaraka Uzia , St.Mary’s Mazinde Juu (PCM).

Others are, Betrice Martin Mwella, St Mar’s Mazinde Juu (PCM), Consolota Matee, St.Mary’s Mazinde Juu(PCB) and  Maimuna  Mshana from Marian Girls (PCB).