Wife hacks off husband's penis after he refused to have sex in Uganda

Friday July 5 2019


By Agencies

Kampala. A wife slashed her husband's penis off in Uganda after he refused to have sex with her as punishment for her continuous heavy drinking. 

Beatrice Acen, 35, returned home plastered at 10pm on June 30 and proceeded to demand sex from her husband, Moses Okot, a 46-year-old peasant farmer. 

Mr Okot said that he had returned home from hunting during the day, eaten and gone to sleep when his wife attacked him.  

On her return to the house she called out to him to open the door for her. 

He was already asleep and awoke to 'find my pants wetted with blood,' he said.    

According to the Daily Monitor Mrs Acen is now on the run,.  


The victim believes that his wife resorted to this drastic measure due to his longstanding method of punishing her for her 'alcoholism.'

'As a man, I would no longer tolerate such, so I decided to deny her sex with hope that she would reform,' he said. 

This is not the first time that Mrs Okot got physical when her husband denied her advances, the report claimed. 

The chairman of the village where the couple live is quoted as saying: 'Last year, she broke this man’s collar bone during a domestic fight and ran away.'

He added that domestic violence is rife in the village with the women drinking as much as the men. 

Mr Okot was taken to the local police station to file a complaint against his wife before being rushed to Apac main hospital where he is now receiving medical treatment. 

Domestic violence is a big problem in Uganda, especially northern Uganda where Mr Okot's village is located.