Sumatra seeks to tackle transport woes at Xmas

Tuesday December 12 2017


 Bus owners have been invited to apply for temporary transport licences to carry people to various destinations during the festive season.

With a majority of residents in busy cities like Dar es Salaam and Mwanza planning to travel to their places of domicile during the festive season, the main bus terminals become chaotic during that period.

In an apparent gesture to ensure that the situation remains normal during the period, the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (Sumatra) announced yesterday that bus operators could apply for temporary licences to ferry people upcountry.

“The move is meant to increase more services especially on routes that normally have high demand for the services during the festive season,” the statement reads.

The statement, signed by Sumatra director general Gilliard Ngewe, noted that for one to be granted a licence, he/she needs to have a valid vehicle registration card; a vehicle inspection certificate from the police force; a motor vehicle insurance cover; a copy of the driver’s license and copy of a valid transportation license from Sumatra.

Meanwhile, the regulator has reminded those who expect to travel during this festival season to arrange their trips earlier so as to avoid the inconveniences that could emanate into challenges of travelling during the festival seasons. Sumatra mission is to regulate the surface and marine transport.


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