Telecommunications industry a key pillar in economic growth

Monday February 24 2020


By The Citizen Reporter

The World Customs Union (WCO) said Tanzania could benefit greatly from investing in technology because digital transformation has been a major catalyst for pushing the development wheel forward.
Speaking in Dar es Salaam, WCO Secretary-General, Dr Kunio Mikuriya said apart from the many benefits, investment in digital technology is one of the best ways to raise taxes and government revenue, therefore  enabling better delivery of other services that rely on such taxes  such as infrastructure construction.
He said now that digital technology has already brought good results to many Tanzanians and added that there are many examples, such as sending and receiving money by phone that helped to provide a formal financial service (cash account on mobile) that many people were previously unlikely to have a bank account.
He went on to say that in the past every government payment or sending money had to go to the bank but now you can make payments or pay anywhere you have any time over the phone and add that the internet has changed many lives as it has helped people to communicate better and at the best possible cost and even to help businesses start and grow.
He mentioned the benefits of communication technology that his investment helped to improve the lives of Tanzanians.
“As the industry continues to expand, it has already provided over 1.5 million direct, indirect jobs in areas such as technology engineers, service providers and financial agents,” he said.
He said that these jobs are helping millions of Tanzanians find employment and secure income and contribute to the country's economy.
“The importance of the cellular telecommunications industry reminds us to continue to support the growth of the policy, systematic and investment environment. “