Top 10 activities to do when you are in Dubai

Wednesday January 23 2019


Here are 10 things worth doing while out there.

Desert safari: This is one experience you can't miss when in Dubai, this consists of evening desert safari, overnight desert safari, dubai city tour and dinner cruises. A very popular part of the desert safari. You get to ski from the highest dunes on a ski board, everyone can do it – as when or if you fall, the soft sand is there to catch you. A thrilling experience and one that everyone should do on a desert safari. Another Popular activity in the desert is the camel trek…. Which we shall cover later.

Water Jet Packing: Add excitement to your Dubai visit with the Water Jetpack Experience by Learning how to walk over the water from a professional instructor and feel the thrills from flying high above the sea with a jet pack or hoverboard.

Scuba Diving: If you are spending some time in Dubai you may wish to learn how to dive, or you may wish to check out some of the local dive sites. There are various dive shops in Dubai that allow you to swim with the fish. 

Miracle Gardens: A 72,000 sqm space full of scents and colours comes to life with an array of bright lights. This incredible experience is one of Cityland’s signature creations – Dubai Miracle Garden. It was launched on Valentine’s Day, 2013, and is set in the heart of Dubailand.

Glowing Garden:  This unique recreation park attracts and entertains audiences of all age groups to come visit, explore the magic and experience the fun and excitement. Apart from its creative installations, there are live musical shows and other performances from some of the best talents in the UAE. There is a special edutainment zone where kids can have interactive fun.


Ride a Camel: Experience the desert in the best possible light on a camel ride through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Ferrari world: It’s the world’s fastest rollercoaster with a speed of 0 to 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds and heart-racing heights of 52 metres. ... No one’s ever too tiny to have fun at Ferrari World...

Underwater Hotel Rooms: Looking for the best underwater luxury suite in Dubai? Stay in the Atlantis Underwater Suite for the most intimate & romantic holiday in Dubai especially as the Valentine’s season approaches.

Jameel Arts : Art Jameel supports artists and creative communities. Current initiatives include running heritage institutes and restoration programmes plus a broad range of arts and educational initiatives for all ages.

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