When everything else is turning to technology why not weddings?

Tuesday September 5 2017


Wedding cakes

As everything goes digital, so are weddings. Families can opt to create a wedding website, where invitees can check for updates. From the wedding date, to route to the venue, color of the wedding, and selected vendors.

But also a contribution component can be added to the website where visitors can offer their 'Mchango'. This feature can be integrated with local mobile payments gateways i.e M-pesa, Tigo pesa. This has made things easier for everyone. The 'Mchango' (contribution) can be displayed on the website in real-time with an indicator that shows how far you are from the target budget.
The wedding committee could use apps and sites like Bitrix24 and Trello to manage the wedding and do task collaborations together with selected wedding vendors.

The wedding photographers could use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Periscope to do a live broadcast of the wedding amongst friends and family members. But also they could use the Eversnap site/app to place everybody’s wedding photos there and just provide a link to the invitees.

They could also take advantage of the use of hashtags (#) to tie down all images and videos that are being shared on social media like #JohnWedsMary.

And at the wedding itself  there is no short of tech application from live streaming, wearable devices that track your every move like Gopro, selfie stick, phone recharging stations, 3D printed cake decorations and so much more.



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