Why footballers are paid handsomely

Thursday October 19 2017

In the photo is Tanzania's Mbwana Samatta who

In the photo is Tanzania's Mbwana Samatta who plays for Belgian side, KRC Genk with market value of £ 2.70 million 

Football, now a multi-billion dollar business, generates serious debate when it comes to money, and most often when it comes to a player's pay.

Do they deserve their wages?
This has been a harrowing question to most people, we have doctors saving lives every day but they don't get paid a quarter of what a football player gets by running around the field for about 90 minutes at least once a week.
Player’s wages are a combination of skill and economics
Talent/skill is rare. Chances of one being a doctor are high than being a football player because one can study to be a doctor for the rest of their lives but chances of being a professional footballer are very low especially where it's made up of a bunch of athletes in their early 20's, one only has about a 15 year window starting from their childhood to become absolutely amazing before time has run out. This requires a very early start in life and complete dedication to football.


Economics. Football is a big brand. The money clubs can make from ticket sales, merchandise sales, prize money, sponsorship deals and TV revenue is huge. Naturally, all of this almost entirely depends on results on the pitch, and the players are the ones who put all the hard work. So it’s only fair for a player to get his large share of the cake if a club makes hundreds of millions in revenue, they also need to pay him more to keep the results coming.

The following is the list of what top players in Simba Sports Club are paid per month;

7. Method Mwanjali - Sh5.2 million


6. JuukoMurshi - Sh5.3 million

5. ErastoNyoni - Sh5.3 million

4. NicholausGyan - Sh5.5 million

3. John Bocco - Sh7 million

2. Emmanuel Okwi - Sh8 million

1. HarunaNyonzima - Sh8.7 million

 While earnings of football players in Tanzania haven't quite reached the dizzy heights, those of international football players are so high.

Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, gets paid $21.5 million a year after tax.

Paris Saint Germain recently broke the world football transfer record with the purchase of Neymar from Barcelona for a fee of £200 million. Once again Tanzania is yet to reach such numbers but they are some notable amounts which have exchanged hands. Below are Yanga FC’s top signings;

5. Gadiel Michael from Azam FC - Sh30 million

4. Raphael Daudi from Mbeya City - Sh35 million

3. Youthe Rostand from African Lyon - Sh40 million

2. PapyKabambafrm Mbabane Swallows - Sh70 million

1. Ibrahim Ajibu from Simba SC - Sh70 million


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