Actress Masogange fined Sh1.5 million after being found guilty of drug abuse

Tuesday April 3 2018


By James Magai @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. The Kisutu Residents Magistrate Court has found a socialite, Ms Agnes Gerald Waya, famously known as ‘Agnes Masogange’ guilty of drug abuse.

She was ordered to pay a total of Sh1.5 million or serve a jail term of two years after the Principal Resident Magistrate, Wilbard Mashauri, proved beyond reasonable doubt that Agness Masogange was indeed using narcotic drugs.

The actress, who features in various music videos of bongo flavour artistes, was first charged at the Kisutu Magistrate Court in last year facing two charges of using heroin Diacety and Oxazepam.


After months of legal exchanges, the court finally found her guilty of using the drugs.

In the first offence (the use of heroin), she was ordered to pay a Sh1 million fine or serve a two-year jail sentence while in the second offence (use of Oxazepam), she was to pay a fine of Sh500,000 or serve a 12 month jail term. The terms were to go concurrently.

Until 11:50 AM, her relatives and friends had been given the account in which there were to deposit the cash and serve her from going to prison.