This is how socialite Jack Pemba makes his millions

Friday February 28 2020


By The Beat Reporter

Many know Jack Pemba whose real name Jackson Akim Pemba as a socialite and for his philanthropy, but not much is known about his businesses and where he gets the money.

He is man whose fancy lifestyle has on certain occasions drawn controversy, yet he remains mysterious and in the process polarizing opinion both in native Tanzania and other parts of the World where he enjoys large following.

Currently on a business trip in Washington DC he opens up to The beat on what he exactly does for a living to enable him attract the’ Money bags’ tag.

In an exclusive interview, Pemba says that he has operations in Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, USA and his business interests span mining, security, coffee, general trading, freight services, sports management, and  fashion.

“I am the founder and CEO Pemba group of companies, a company with big plans to transform East Africa through investment and development,” he says.

He is passionate about his work; constantly researching and developing business concepts that would appeal to his target markets, open new avenues and also give back to the community. He takes great pride in the quality of work he does and is determined to attain heights.



Optima mines and minerals is a pioneer in the Ugandan mineral and commodities industry. With the directors having over 10 years in minerals, mining, exploration and development of both industrial and metallic minerals, Optima is the leading consultancy company in the country with a vast experience in exploration, feasibility studies, mine development, environmental appraisals, monitoring, protection and decommissioning, community engagement, mineral and materials trade and logistic handling among others.

Currently, the company owns a Kaolin quarry (mineral and surface rights) at Kasunganyanja in Bunyangabu District and working hand in hand with Spectrum Logistics to supply Kaolin to Hima Cement a leading cement producer in Uganda.


Pemba’s Kabango Coffee Uganda Ltd, is a leading Ugandan coffee grower. Kabango coffee is currently working with the Uganda Coffee Development Authority, Kamwenge District Local Government, NAADS, and Balton Uganda Limited. Kabango’s mission is to enhance coffee production in the region through quality and quantity improvement, good agricultural practices and obtain market access for participating groups.


Sports promotion

Perhaps what brings Jack Pemba to the fore in Tanzania  is Pemba Sports Africa group that is actively involved in promoting sport.

“I am a self-motivated and enthusiastic professional sports agent and philanthropist with over 15 years’ solid experience in sports management and the passion for continuing the sports legacy of my father Cuthbert Pemba who served as the General Secretary of Simba Sports Club in Dar es salaam, Tanzania,” Pemba says.

He Adds: My formative years in sports involved playing football both in primary and secondary school, after which I moved to Europe and made two attempts as an academy player under trials for Carlyle United and New Castle United Academy.

It was while there that he  made invaluable connections with players as the late Sir Bobby Robson, Alan Shearer, Louis Ferdinand, Kevin Keegan, Warren Burton, Robert Lee, John Barnes and Stuart John Hall. It is such contacts that he has often used in sports.

Pemba Sports Africa teams include; Pemba Warriors basketball team, Omutima Rally, Body Building, Pemba football team and the Sickle cell awareness Foundation Football team.


Pemba is also into provision of security services under Baka Security, a company that gives protection and security services to residential areas such as private housing, sites, student dormitories.

They also provide security to facilities where all kinds of sports competitions happen, plus areas where concerts, meetings, workshops, science, culture and arts activities take place.

Baka also provides security for factories, factories, organised industrial zones, mines and pipelines, vehicles used in domestic and international travel, transportation activities and the locations and stations of these vehicles, places such as airports, terminals, ports, stations, in which passenger and freight transportation take place.

They also provide security to education institutions like classrooms, schools, campuses and public places such as hotels, holiday resorts, hospitals, business centres, plazas, banks, recreation places and all kinds of official and private institutions and organisations.

They also set up security systems at those places and develop and operate established security systems in the conditions prescribed by the legislation. They also provide private investigations and security consulting.


Pemba is also into fashion under the SKP brand. SKP is a clothing line that makes handmade haute-couture, ball gowns, wedding dresses and all the pieces are hand beaded with exquisite beads got from all over the world.

“SKP is our love letter to the elegant and luxurious part of each one of us. It majors in hot couture, wedding gowns, well known for its luxurious kaftans. We do a couple of runway showcases and dress many household names,” Pemba says.

Corporate social responsibility


Pemba is passionate about giving back to society. As part Pemba Group’s CSR, they brought Robert Lee, ex England Midfielder and ex Arsenal youth coach, Mark Ellis to Uganda to support the Little Hands Go Green initiative and subsequently carried out football clinics in Schools such as Ntinda Primary, City High School, Kabira International School and Rainbow International School. Pemba Sports Africa made a donation towards the initiative.

Pemba Sports Africa has supported various sports for change projects through CSR like setting up regional football camps for street children and homeless youth in Wankulukuku.

Pemba Group of companies has made lots of donations including; providing footballs and jerseys to Rainbow International School, providing footballs to Universal Primary Education (UPE) local schools across Uganda, donations to Afri Aid, an NGO supporting refugees in South Sudan and Congo, the Uganda Sickle Cell Foundation, Miracle Centre Cathedral, the Catholic Church in Munyonyo towards preparations for welcoming the Pope to Uganda, the Muslim Community across three mosques in Kampala, and a donation towards feeding needy families in Kifumbira slum in Kampala under the bucket project.

“Success in business is about positioning yourself. Learn to position yourself in the path of growth. Position yourself away from those who are STILL. Next year they’ll STILL be doing the same thing they were doing when you positioned yourself better. STILL gossiping, STILL telling the same story of who they used to be. Cut them off and remind them, you positioned yourself in middle of a storm and you are a storm chaser so you can’t stay STILL,” Pemba sums up.