RE-THINKING ALOUD : … in the last days of America’s hegemony, Part 5

Saturday October 13 2018

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un walks with US

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un walks with US President Donald Trump during a break in talks at their historic US-North Korea summit, at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore on June 12, 2018. PHOTO | FILE 

By Wilfred Alex

When a nation arrives at a point where the top man – the president – is as well worried about the credibility of security agencies something is grossly wrong. At this point, the agencies have become socially irrelevant and are tools of manoeuvres.

The US has become this of late. The vast spy body is engaging politicians - the president mostly – to keep them on edge and prone to manipulations. The once successful businessman President Trump is now left with his twitter handle for solace. The tweets are his defence.

Those who haven’t had historical knowledge of power dynamics in the world are misled to think the current president of the USA a lackey. But he isn’t. I would say he is a clever fellow who was able to unseat the democrats even when he hadn’t full backing of his party.

Left against formidable opponent in Hillary Rodham Clinton – she was the establishment – supported by the best rhetorician of our time, Barack Obama – then the president – Trump had limited chances. It was surprising when he carried the day. That was a test of intelligence and planning.

Whatever the case is we know that after winning votes, President Donald Trump immediately plummeted into disfavour – a torrent of insults were hurled upon his person. He became a laughing stock to many progressives and was denigrated in all ways possible. Cartoons sprang equating him to failures, a bigot, a bag of hot air and a person full of himself. In some riff raff news he was depicted caressing female crotches, sucking nipples, buying prostitutes and attempting rapes. He has been associated with lack of America’s virtues and liberal values. For all, security agencies haven’t stood by him or come to his aid – at least by allaying facts and sifting lies. Therein is a secret. And that is why the president thinks his spy agencies’ credibility is doubtful.

The impact of that overlooking

They say ‘a journey of a million miles begins with a single step’. The assault on the person of Donald Trump is a start of a walk that will eventually deal blows to America’s politics. It is palpable that the act has graduated into an internal problem. Each staffer appointed today is being rammed with accusations of: rape, bigotry, hatefulness, abuser or any other misconduct.

Oblivious to millions of Americans is that deliberate laxity of security agencies is piling more harm to the society. For example, majority appointees are being slapped with criminal cases far fetched from their past – whatever spy agencies can recall – to atone them of their political stances and world views. This says: spy agencies are running the shows! It is a form of blackmail really – no question about that. Given the nature majority of people are raised and exposed to social dynamics, one must have something to be accused of – MUST is the word.

If a man’s groping of a woman’s crotch when they were indulgent teenagers or sophomores is enough to bar someone from adult-age appointments, well, none is eligible for any post. Psychologists know that is a manifestation of ‘aggressiveness’ that a virile young man is apt to have - at some points. In America today spy agencies are digging those misdeeds for getting to whoever they don’t need. Of course, hiding behind presumed victims.

Emergency of internal rifts

From the foregoing one can see that there is something unwell about America’s political societies – hidden in presumed divides between Democrats and Republicans. Yet they go beyond that. See: any democrat or republican who doesn’t fall in favour of the military complexes’ architecture is a potential criminal of some sort – spy agencies can always unearth something up against the person.

The target being either: to calm him down, to make him renege his previous standing, to influence one’s future course of decisions or to purvey a particular role. With this, America is losing traditional politicians to some orchestrated political deadpans. In the future series of this article you are going to read how this is a route most previous empires took towards self-defeats.

Wilfred Alex is coordinator, editor and tutor at Legendary Performers Twitter: @WRuhega. Facebook: Alexinho Ruhega. Email: