CORPORATE SUFI: Corporate giving

Sunday September 1 2019

One way corporations keep their workers happy

One way corporations keep their workers happy is by recognising key events in the lives of their employees such as birthdays and other anniversaries. PHOTO | FILE 

By Azim Jamal

Corporations are usually formed to create profits. Their mandate is not to give! However, surprising as it may sound, giving is still one of the key ingredients of corporate success. Corporations who give to customers, employees, community and environment reap rewards in terms of customer and employee loyalty.

Thomas Edison, the founder of GE said “I never perfected an invention that I did not think in terms of service it might give to others.” Without the service (giving) element not much can be achieved with the customers.

The foundation of any business is giving to the customers. Looking after customer needs, solving their problems, keeping them happy is all part of giving to customers that creates loyalty, repeat business and word of mouth. Enterprise Rent a Car grew from a small leasing company in Missouri into a $9 billion global powerhouse. Their motto was to keep customers not just satisfied but completely satisfied!

It is becoming harder to find and retain talented employees. Also harnessing the potential of employees is crucial as it is the most important asset any company has. To attract and retain good employees requires a giving culture. Looking after their needs, providing an enabling environment which fosters learning, growth and contribution is part and parcel of that giving.

Companies such as UPS, Hewlett Packard and Starbucks who have had some sort of employee ownership either by way of stock purchase plan or stock options have seen great growth in their business. Giving a piece of the pie to their employees has paid off.

Disney endeavoured to bring a smile to a child’s face and were able to persevere through a lot of struggle and challenges to make his dream a reality. Of course there was a profit motive, all corporations have that but notice the link to giving – bringing a smile to a child’s face.


In today’s uncertain times, many shy away from giving. They complain about lack of time and resources. They become busy working, commuting, and being caught in the activity trap. There is little time for exercise, relaxation, family, introspection, meditation or financial planning. Stress and dissatisfaction are widespread.

The conventional solution is to work hard, work fast and concentrate on self. Is that working? Not really! There exists lack of fulfilment, unhappiness, relationship challenges and negative energy. So what is the solution? Giving!

The more you give to your colleagues, the better camaraderie you will have at work. This enhances your productivity and performance. The more you give to your customers, the better loyalty you will create leading to a better bottom line. The more you give to the community, the better environment you will create for you and your family to live in.

The more time you invest in others, the less time you need getting things done. In addition, when you give you tap into your creativity, innovation and potential. Also, when you are gentle and give to others, you are also gentle with yourself. Here are seven tips to give something daily:

• Give gratitude everyday.

• Shine your light and inspire others to shine their light.

• Be a loving human being and family member.

• Give people the benefit of doubt.

• Be a little bit better everyday in every way.

• Marry your audacious goals with living in the moment!

• Enjoy the ride - remember the destiny is in the journey!

Giving is a grace. It comes to people who are blessed. Givers are people who are kindled spiritually and understand the power of giving.