CORPORATE SUFI: Enhancing self-confidence

Sunday August 19 2018

Azim Jamal

Azim Jamal 

Projecting self-confidence is a powerful tool in communicating capability and success. People naturally gravitate towards people who exude confidence and charisma.

Beside influencing others, body language has the power to influence the user as well. This is because our mind and body are intrinsically connected and the state of one affects the other. For example, when your mood is low, your body language automatically changes to support your mood; your shoulders slump down, chin is lowered, you drag your feet and walk around listlessly. Similarly, if you are feeling depressed, something as simple as giving a wide smile can change your mood.

So let’s examine 7 quick tips to project self-confidence and accentuate your personal brand of charisma in any situation.

1. Expand your personal space – Powerful people are confident of their space and are not scared to use it. While standing, always stand tall, with shoulders relaxed but pulled slightly back, head held high, legs slightly apart and firmly planted on the ground. This whole manner will help you claim your territory and exude confidence.

2. Take a pause – All good speakers, politicians, and actors understand the value of a good pause. A pause can be used in multiple situations and can last from just a split second to an extended period, depending on the situation. People generally find silence uncomfortable in social situations. The pause allows you to create an empty space, which draws other people’s attention to you and the point you are making.

3. Look others in the eye - Shifty eyes, avoiding eye contact, lowering your gaze, all convey lack of confidence or insincerity. Powerful people always connect and communicate with their eyes. And once you make contact, don’t look away quickly. Linger long enough to make a connection.

4. Express with your hands – Expressing or gesturing with your hands while speaking allows you to not only emphasise your points, and claim your space, but also to communicate forthrightness and trust. Confident people are always open and relaxed. They seldom use closed body postures like crossing their arms or remaining static or frozen during interactions.

5. “Steepling” – This is a hand gesture in which you join the tips of your fingers of both hands, while your palms remain untouched; like a church steeple. This gesture is usually used when you are deliberating over a point, listening to somebody else or are about to express your opinion. The higher the steeple the higher your perceived level of confidence.

6. Reduce mindless gestures – Hasty, thoughtless gestures always draw away from your credibility and weaken your stance. So avoid fidgeting with your clothes, shuffling your feet, twirling your hair, checking your phone repeatedly. Make sure all your movements are measured and purposeful, while making significant allowances for spontaneity and warmth.

7. Smile – A smile is an instant gateway to overcoming barriers both in you and others. When you smile you not only convey positive energy but also inspire confidence and affability in the other person. Barring a few serious instances, smiling is a powerful tool in almost all situations.