How digital technology is revolutionizing Tanzania’s economy

Friday June 12 2020
Tech girl

In recent years, the growth and adoption of digital technology has presented many countries with several benefits and significant opportunities.
The growth of m-health is a prime example of this. For numerous countries, m-health has become an important tool in how healthcare is delivered.
From allowing people to research their symptoms, to helping hospitals to store medical records, m-health is having a clear and positive impact for patients and practitioners alike.
In Tanzania, m-health has played an important role in supporting people living with various illnesses, by reminding them to make medical appointments or helping answer questions without the need for a physical consultation with a doctor.
Recently, m-health took a further step forward when Aga Khan University launched a mobile app to help people to evaluate possible COVID-19 symptoms.
Applications such as these demonstrate the important role that m-health can play in overcoming such related health challenges.
As m-health has become one of the most discussed topics of late, it is important to remember that Tanzania’s telecoms sector has played a key part in the development of the country’s m-health services for a number of years now.
Tigo Tanzania – one of the country’s leading telcos – has developed a smart service which allows customers to enrol in a variety of health insurance products, including life, accident and hospitalisation insurance.
For example, Tigo’s Bima Mkononi Hospital insurance provides customers and their families financial support for each night a person is admitted to hospital.
Meanwhile, Tigo’s birth registration service provides a fast and effective way of registering children’s births.
The ability to prove your identity is crucial in accessing a range of services, including healthcare, education and financial services, as well as securing employment. Digital health services – such as Tigo’s – help ensure children are not at risk of being excluded from this later in life.
As the digital era continues to evolve, it is reassuring to know that our country’s telecoms companies are having a positive impact on healthcare delivery.