Keeping children safe from pedophiles in such challenging times

Tuesday June 2 2020


By Paul Owere

We live in uncertain times and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has just made it worse. It is therefore important that we all stay vigilant at all times.
A few years ago a bizarre and heart-wrenching story broke out in a school in Dar es Salaam, it was alleged that a certain teacher trusted with the duty of care had turned into a pedophile, taking advantage of the very children he was supposed to teacher.
No one suspected his intentions until when one child reported his advances to his parents while they were on a certain school trip. Hell broke loose as the truth was laid bare.
The uproar from the parents was quite justifiable, as the social media went abuzz with some blaming the school for not having the proper checks and balancing system in place that could ensure the safety of children while at school.
There were those who exonerated the school of any wrong doing saying  there was no way how could they have suspected a well trained teacher to prey on his own pupils.
It is every parent’s hope and prayer that each time a child leaves home to go to school he or she returns home safe, given the fact that a school is a place where children go to learn and not otherwise.
The teacher used all sorts of tricks to entice his unsuspecting victims and though he remains at large to date, the long arm of the law will one day catch up with him.
I have l always warned that not every teacher is a gem, yet not every caring teacher is of that teacher’s nature.
Those who have worked with the teacher in question in the past did not see any red flags as he was the go-to teacher, therefore many didn’t suspect his actions towards the little girls.
They thought he meant well and in normal circumstances he was the most caring teacher in a world where most parents believe in chasing cash as opposed to family life.
This could leave both parents and teachers confused on where the real line lies, when they should be close to children and as for parents what actions could be a sign of a red flag.
There are several telltale signs that could help identify a potential pedophile, a calibre of depraved people who have become a threat to over 40 million children globally.
Research show some one per cent of children under 16 experience sexual abuse which is mostly in the hands of care givers.
Pedophiles are usually very friendly to children for they have mastered the art of pretence, they usually like flocking around children in search for their next victim but often pretend to show care, love and support to children.
It is important to note that they usually relate with a specific age group.  According to, pedophiles are not restricted to schools they can be found anywhere from executive offices to construction sites, they often tend to possess items that lure children into their deadly traps.
In a world where stylish gadgets are the order of the day, these people will always pretend to be showing unsuspecting victims the latest technology.
Pedophiles often prefer leading lonely lives as they keep very few friends, in most cases those in their company are of the same nature. They tend to glorify privacy so that their exploitation of children remains hidden from the public eye.
Most pedophiles are respected members of society who are smart, which makes it difficult sometimes to pick them out from the crowd.
 The only way to pick them out is by watching for their tolerance for such illicit activities as well as their rationalization of such acts even when they are fully aware of how damaging it could be. Parents and teachers ought to be extra careful when it comes to ensuring safety of children.
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