JSP Marketing Link Limited embracing local content

JSP Marketing Link Limited embracing local content

JSP Marketing Link Limited has a cut above the rest in marketing solutions from the lower to higher positions coupled with an increased visibility and credibility from the Top 100 survey.

The Top 100 survey has continued to hoist the flag of many Mid-sized companies’ high.

From contractors, insurance brokers, travel agencies, logistics to marketing firms, all enjoy the benefit curve of the campaign.

JSP Marketing Link Limited has a cut above the rest in marketing solutions from the lower to higher positions coupled with an increased visibility and credibility from the Top 100 survey.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at JSP Marketing Link Limited, Simon Philip explains about the company’s growth from a humble beginning.

Company background

The company was officially established in 2010 having almost nine years of our presence in the market. At JSP Marketing Link Limited, core business being marketing services; including promotions, events management, sponsorship management, branding, PR, digital.

JSP Marketing Link Limited is a 360 degree marketing agency.

The company is dedicated to offering tailored solutions to its clients to help steer company’s visibility and prosperity.

The motive behind the founding of the agency was out of the founder’s passion, inclination and profession to help other people’s business grow.

We came from a very humble beginning with just three employees and used to have our office located at the corner of the bar.

 Currently we are talking of 16 employees and more than 100 casual workers across the country.

The growth journey was challenging as we were required to serve the clients with limited capital.

We were still focused through the hard times and managed to break through solid rocks. Only few believed in us and that was the turning point.

What makes you special in the market?

We boast our vast market knowledge; maintain customers’ intimacy whenever we work with our clients, as we possess all of the ingredients that is rarely found in most of the marketing agencies.

We know what our customers want and serve them right off.

Another difference is, JSP has many youthful staff from the top management to the bottom. They are dynamic and easy to adapt to the changes within the company.

How does JSP Marketing ensure there is local content?

JSP Marketing embraces local content by 100 per cent. The owners of the company are Tanzanians national and even the workforce is comprised of locals only. Therefore, we support the drive of His Excellency, President Magufuli by actions and we will invest our efforts in uplifting locals.

What is unknown of us, is that, we are so proud competing in the market where other competitors seem to downplay the power of the locals. We took a vow to grow with locals rather than non-natives.

How do you keep up with pace of technologies?

The advent of technology is an integral part of any development. At JSP, we have equipped ourselves with technologies throughout our business. We use state-of-the-art software that helps us in advertisement and branding services.

Also, software are used to collect data, conduct researches and receive feedback from our clients. In this context, if you don’t have a proper mix of what is going on with digital side as a firm, you gradually die.

We know the impact of the digital world, and we leverage on every of our inputs to induce the desirable output.

Anything that Government should do to reverse the situation in the marketing industry?

Government has lately begun to value the marketing sector you wouldn’t see much of this in the past. I remember one of the African heads of states Summit convened in Arusha was organised by Kenyan firm.

This was an awkward moment to Tanzania marketing agencies. However, today JSP is proud and recently have supported Government and private institutions in events planning, organizing and management. For instance, CCBRT fifth anniversary was planned, organized and managed by JSP. And we are very open to the opportunities to promote tourism related events.

How do you see the Top 100 campaign?

This year was our second appearance in the campaign and we were positioned at 12 out 100. This is a marketing forum that has allowed us to be recognized beyond the scale. Our credibility has been built and our name has grown bigger in the eyes of our clients and other stakeholders we work with.

Nevertheless, Mid-sized companies get to network with each other and open commercial linkages. Workshops pertaining to financial expertise, management of risk and compliance with various government regulations are conducted to the participants.

What could be the biggest lesson learned?

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are critical to the country’s growth if they are supported by the Government. We didn’t know that we were that important until Top 100, this was the biggest learning curve.

What are strategies for future?

We are looking to overcome most of our challenges that also causes for our unsatisfactory trend in the campaign, compared to last year. We also aim at graduating and join the club 101 in the campaign for forthcoming editions.