Green WastePro a third winner of Top 100 making name for itself

Green WastePro a third winner of Top 100 making name for itself

Dedication, passion and hard work. This is displayed amongst all our workforce of over 500 people across Tanzania, who drive the company forward with their positive influence and spirit.

This year Green WastePro achieved a rare milestone after they emerged third in the 2019 Top 100 campaign.

To them the waiting time was filled with mixed emotions and expectation.

“I think we were fired up more than first and second winner at that time,” said Deusdedit Rutazaa (MD).

This was the second time that the company was participating in the Top 100 mid-size companies’ campaign.

The Managing Director at Green WastePro, Deusdedit Rutazaa shares with The Citizen the secret behind success and future outlook.

Share with us briefly your company’s profile and its core functions

Green WastePro is a private company established in 2011, specialized in waste management with the aim of offering eco-friendly solutions in cleaning and waste management. The company aims to provide unparalleled environmental friendly services by using specialized waste collection equipment and tools and also ensuring cleaning the environment in a friendly manner.

These objectives are achieved by a team of personnel that is professionally qualified, experienced, dedicated and hardworking. Green WastePro boasts a team of experienced personnel in environment issues and waste management.

Do you see potential growth of this subsector in few years to come?

Yes, for instance in Dar es Salaam, over 5,900 tons of waste is produced by people every day and less than 50 per cent of the waste produced is collected and the rest are dumped or thrown in water bodies. This signals that demand exceeds supply which leave this subsector lesser exploited than it is supposed to. Most of the Waste management and cleaning companies do not have enough capacity to cover this demand by 100% and there again, the sector is yet untapped and doors are open.

What do you think should be rectified to help subsector’s growth?

Waste collection rests with Government, Green WastePro assumed the duty as a contractor through tendering and currently working with Municipal authorities. We admit that there are some areas that require quick improvement for our prosperity. Pits located for waste disposal are not in good shape making hard for our vehicles’ efficiencies during operations, and this goes beyond that scale, because it even damage our avante-grade vehicles.

Another outcry is contractual term; Green WastePro is highly qualified waste management and cleaning company, having invested immensely on techs sets them apart from the counterparts. A one-year contract term that a company has entered into with Government is very limited considering subtle processes put in place by the company while operating that seem to take from one to three months to accomplish registering clients on their database before start serving them. Contracts should at least begin with 5 years and above to provide ample time for effective waste collection and cleaning activities. We thank the Government which is currently working on these challenges.

What pushed your buttons to decide participate in this thrilling experience?

We believe the environmental sector is a key utility service for Tanzania and needs more visibility and recognition. We are passionate about the service we provide and, therefore we felt Tanzania’s Top 100 Survey was the perfect platform to showcase our efforts and provide awareness of the important work companies like ours offer.

How does it feel to emerge second runner-up at this year’s Top 100 survey?

It brings us an immense feeling of pride being announced second runner-up at this year’s Top 100 survey!! We are pleased that this award allows us to showcase the important work companies like ours provide.

What was the secret behind your success in this year’s edition?

Dedication, passion and hard work. This is displayed amongst all our workforce of over 500 people across Tanzania, who drive the company forward with their positive influence and spirit.

Who was the strongest opponent that had you worried?

This is a difficult question as we were humbled by all the participants as they all show such strength and vision.

How will this experience help to shape your company?

This experience will help accelerate our passion to keep Tanzania clean and strive to be bigger and better than ever before.

What will definitely make you keep going back at the event?

The core principles of this event are reflected in our own company’s values to promote innovation, excellence, partnerships, synergy, responsibility, health and quality. This event is certainly something we wish to continue participating in future years.

Any lesson that you have learnt from the survey? And how are you going to encompass that lesson into your operations?

The survey has enabled us to make synergies and network with companies of equal size in Tanzania which has allowed us to learn and better ourselves.  These lessons are varied and as such will be incorporated into our operations across the business.

What should be areas of improvements in your views?

The strength of this survey is the incorporation of different sectors into one forum. Improvement to us would be seen in promoting participation to sectors that often do not access to platforms such as this to promote the work they do such as the environmental sector.

Any strategies gearing up to climbing first winner in the forthcoming editions?

Our strategy is simply to keep working hard to make Tanzania clean and thus improve the quality of life for the communities we serve. Our innovative thinking we believe will enable us to adhere to our company vision to ‘think green’ keeping the environment clean in an environmentally friendly way. We believe this will keep our company in the forefront for that winning position in forthcoming editions.