Diana Tarimo

When she applied for TZS 50 million loan in 2002, Ms Diana Tarimo (in yellow jacket) could not fathom that it would be the beginning of building her business empire.

She was sure, though that the loan from CRDB Bank would boost her business of supplying water to households around Mbezi Luis-Makondeni area in Dar es Salaam, a business that she had started way back in 2007.

She was also sure that the loan would boost her ability to buy and sell hardware products. Fast-forward 2020 - and Ms Tarimo’s business has grown by leaps and bounds.

As the Operation Director at Dide Enterprises, Ms Tarimo is one of over 10,000 women entrepreneurs who have received loans totalling 88.7 billion from CRDB Bank.

From a single hardware shop at Mbezi Luis - Makondeni on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam City, she now has three more such shops at Picha ya Ndege, Kibaha in Coast region, as well as Kiluvya and Kibamba, Dar es Salaam.

Ms. Tarimo is now putting her things in order before she applies for another loan to enable her invest in cereals processing and modern school

  • Development Reach The Impact of CRDB Bank to Wome
  1. More than 10,000 SMEs loans made to Women-owned busines
  2. TZS 88.7 Billion in SMEs loans made to Women-owned business

Sharbaty Kamtande

Finding a financial institution with specialized lending programs for women was not that hard for Ms. Sharbaty Kamtande. With CRDB Bank branch nearby her business, she walked few metres to open an account and start depositing money from her daily sales.

At first, it wasn’t easy to get loan on her own, she enrolled on CRDB Bank group lending program through Niamoja Account, a group saving account which also provide an opportunity for members to access loan from the bank.

“I started with a loan of TZS 3 million which I invested in my general supplies shop. When my business grew, I shifted to Malkia SMEs loan which is a customized loan for women SMEs,” said Ms. Sharbaty.

Thanks to CRDB Bank Ms. Sharbaty now owns a business building where she operates her restaurant and general supply shop. “I have also built a house for my parents in Njombe and purchased a Land rover 109 for supplying meat,” added Ms. Sharbaty.

As her business grows, CRDB Bank continues to be a valuable mentor and team member to Sharbaty’s business. “I appreciate that the Bank understands my financial needs and that they are dependable, timely and committed to my business success,” said Sharbaty.

  • Empowering Women in multiple way
  1. More than 25,000 Malkia Account
  2. Exposue visits to Italy, Malaysia, China and Uganda
  3. Training to 11,774 Women SMEs
  4. Mentorship program to more than 200 Women SMEs.