CCM’s NEC in Dodoma to elect party chairperson

Friday April 30 2021
By Louis Kalumbia

Dodoma. The CCM deputy Secretary General Abdallah Sadallah Mabodi has on Friday, April 30, 2021 unveiled the CCM's National Executive Committee (NEC) over the nomination of the party's Central Committee (CC) member Samia Suluhu Hassan as the sole candidate of the party’s chairperson.

Unveiling the declaration before the members at the meeting taking place at the Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre, Mr Mabodi said the nomination was made in accordance with the Article 102(2) of the CCM Constitution.

"Ms Hassan who doubles as United Republic President, she knows well the burden of this role. But she knows too the effects of these two positions to be held by two different people," he said.

He added, Therefore, after considerations, NEC has considered him the right candidate for the party's top position.

He said President Hassan is also backed by he outstanding roles she played as a leader of the government in Zanzibar, Vice Chairperson of the defunct Constitution Assembly, United Republic Vice President and outstanding leadership shortly after taking oath of the country's President succeeding former President the late John Magufuli.

Speaking shortly before casting of votes, CCM ideology and publicity Secretary for Zanzibar Catherine Peter and ex-Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda requested members to elect President Hassan basing on her background and continuing the work she started with departed leader Magufuli.


Earlier, registrar of Political  Parties commended CCM for organizing it's ordinary meeting and upholding internal democracy.

Deputy registrar, Mr Mohamed Ahmed told members of the CCM extra-ordinary meeting at the Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre  that the registrar of political parties is pleased to see CCM is upholding it's tradition to respect it's constitution.

"By upholding internal democracy, CCM has distinguished itself in the country's  leadership," he said.

Presenting the message from other political parties, Mr Ahmed said they had all expectations with the ruling party's new elected chairperson.

"Political parties have expressed their expectations to meet and have dialogue with the new leader immediately after her endorsement today," he said.