Does money make men more attractive?

Sunday May 22 2022
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The prettiest girls are usually only willing to go out with the most attractive men.

By Chris Hart

We all check out potential dates, but as everyone knows, men mostly focus on a woman’s looks and are pretty easy to please. Women are much harder to satisfy, and they’re also very aware of their own attractiveness.
So the prettiest girls are usually only willing to go out with the most attractive men. While men everywhere, no matter how successful they are, or how handsome, are generally quite prepared to go out with just about any girl they meet. Especially when there’s only a limited number to choose from.
Men do lust after the prettiest girl in the room, of course, but as the evening wears on, and she shows signs of drifting off with the competition, a man will generally settle for a lot less than perfection.
Mind you, both sexes are turned off by what psychologists call ‘un-selective romantic desire.’ And girls in particular are very good at figuring out which men are just far too friendly, and willing to leave with anyone at all. So guys do have to make their chosen date feel special. Because every girl wants to be asked out by someone who only has eyes for her.
Both sexes are usually fairly relaxed about a one-night stand. But women who’re starting to think long-term tend to be picky about a lot more than just looks. They generally want a man who’s educated to at least the same standard as themselves, whereas men don’t care nearly so much about a girl’s education. They also pay more attention to a man’s profession, prefer to date taller men, and like them to be a nice shape, good looking, and well turned out.
But no matter what a man’s like, he can always compensate by making more money!
Wowing the girls
So for example, all other things being equal, an ordinary-looking guy who earns at least twice as much as a real dream-boat will be just as successful at wowing the girls. A five-foot guy who earns five times more than a six footer will be just as successful with women, while a five foot six guy only needs to make three times as much.
The gender divide also applies to other preferences. And as always, it’s men who are less discriminating than women. So for example, men will date a girl from just about anywhere at all, but even though women all over the world agree what it is that makes a man attractive, they always prefer to date a man whose ethnic origin matches their own.
But just like all their other preferences, even this one disappears completely once a guy earns enough money. Somewhere between two to four times as much.
So Cyndi Lauper (American singer, songwriter, and actress) was right. Money changes everything! Which means a guy’s best plan is always to get out there and get into the money. Then all the girls will take him seriously, no matter what he looks like!