YouTube University: A new horizon for learning and career success 

What you need to know:

  • "YouTube University," as I refer to it fondly, is a haven of accessibility and affordability, catering to diverse learning styles with real-world applications and practical demonstrations.

I have a friend who travels all across Tanzania and the globe, capturing mesmerising Afro-futuristic images that captivate the imagination.

His photographs exude a sense of wonder, inspiring my own personal dreams of affluence, where I own a fancy home just so I could hang one of his photographs on my wall, and the surrounding area be fitting to display his work of art. 

The thing about this particular friend, though, is that while his work is recognised, affording him opportunities to travel, he has never studied his craft—in a university, that is. I often jokingly say he has a “doctorate from the University of YouTube.”

Despite lacking formal education from a university, his work resonates with audiences worldwide, earning him accolades, opportunities to explore the wider world, and a life of comfort. This begs the question: is a university degree still viable in today's world, and for who?

In my friend's case, his experience challenges conventional notions of education and success. His story underscores the democratisation of knowledge facilitated by digital platforms, where individuals can chart their own learning journeys, unbounded by the constraints of traditional institutions. 

On the one hand, universities provide a structured learning environment, credibility, and accreditation that can open doors to career success.

Universities offer access to resources and facilities like libraries, labs, internships, and networking events that contribute to a well-rounded educational experience that YouTube simply can't replicate.

But then, there's "YouTube University," as I refer to it fondly, a haven of accessibility and affordability, catering to diverse learning styles with real-world applications and practical demonstrations.

It's a treasure trove for creatives,entrepreneurs,technical wizards, and language learners alike.

So, where does that leave us? In a world where the lines between traditional education and digital learning blur. Perhaps the answer lies in embracing the best of both worlds, empowering individuals to chart their own course, leveraging the resources at their disposal to unlock their full potential in their learning and career success.

For centuries, institutions of higher learning have served as the epitome of intellectual discourse. The structured curriculums, esteemed faculty, and collaborative learning environments have long been revered as pillars of academic excellence, but perhaps now the digital space offers a new frontier for exploration and innovation. 

In the realm of online platforms like YouTube, the freedom to chart one's educational journey with unprecedented flexibility is reshaping the landscape of learning and career success. And as the traditional structures of academia intertwine with the dynamic landscapes of the digital age, the promise of a more equitable path to career success emerges.

As I write this now after having watched my friend receive an accolade over the weekend, it has dawned on me that ultimately, whether you're walking the hallowed halls of academia in a college or university or surfing the digital waves of YouTube, the pursuit of knowledge remains a timeless endeavor, and as long as there are dreams to chase and horizons to explore, education – in all its forms – will continue to be the cornerstone of human progress and achievement.

To me, YouTube University and gaining practical work experience are becoming more valuable than a university degree for some. Ultimately, it's about pursuing our dreams with the resources available to us.

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