A special tribute to fathers

Samson Genya and his father.


  • Daddy, I may not say it often but for all the wins, falls, bruises and victories, you have been in the back, cheering, pushing and providing: Thank you!
  • Happy father’s day to all dads who show up, show out and hold down the fort.

We have gone yet another full circle and today; we celebrate our fathers once again.
A common saying goes “any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad.” This resonates with many of us, now that we are grown and parents in our own rights as well as heads of our young homes.
It is sad that as we grow up, we do not always fully appreciate our dads. More often than not, a child would walk in to the house, see dad sitting on the couch and after a brief greeting, comes the big question: “Where’s mom?” or “Is mom home?”
As adults, life has shown us just how easy it is for a dad to walk away. What it rarely shows us is how little recognition fathers that stay get simply because it is their responsibilities as men.
As adults, we now understand the weight placed on the shoulders of the men in our lives so as much as we wish we’d do better to honour and celebrate our dads, let us take today to do something extra special for them.
For all the dads, step-dads, adoptive dads, foster-dads, legal guardians, grandfathers that have had to raise their grandchildren, uncles and every other man that has, at whatever capacity and for whatever reason, stepped up to be a father, let our letters of appreciation and acts of love today remind you just how blessed and lucky we are to be able to call you daddy.
A few Life&Style readers share words of love and appreciation in letters to their dads.

Sheila Nyandiko

Dear Daddy
You are the strongest human being I know. You are a gift from heaven above. When I think about resilience, when I think about hope, when I think about tenacity, I think of you.
You have always showed up for us and equipped us with skills and characteristics that have enabled us to thrive in this world full of challenges. I thank you for your love, thank you for instilling in me the spirit of focus and of making things happen.
Above all, thank you for leading us to Christ who is the Chief cornerstone and the foundation upon which we have built our lives. ‘Ni hayo machache tu, kwa sasa’.
May God continue to protect you and cover you and may He bless the works of your hands and give you a long life so you can truly reap the fruits of your labour.
We love you.

Samson Genya

Dear Daddy,
Thank you. Fathers are known as providers, protectors, teachers, leaders and their children’s number one fan. They deserve the thanks for all this and more. But today, allow me to say thanks to you, for a reason uncommon: Thank you for staying. As I’ve become a man, I now know how hard it is to be a responsible man.
To put others before you; their wants before your needs, their needs before your goals, their goals before your life. Many men have quit being fathers, so thank you for staying. Thank you for all the sacrifices behind the curtains.
Thank you for bringing me back in line when I went astray. Thank you for being noble. Thank you for speaking blessings into my life.
Thank you for teaching me that family is the most important legacy of a man.
I am privileged to be called by your name.

Ndimwenya Msinjili

Dear dad
As I continue to grow and trying to find my place in this world. I keep on realizing how proud I am to be your daughter. No words written on paper can express accurately how wonderful your unconditional your love has always been for me. You keep me grounded with my head held high as I move through life. The way you have always encouraged, motivated and guided me through the ups and downs of my journey is truly remarkable.
Whenever I think of home, the first picture in my mind is you there waiting for me with a warm hug and a smile. When I call you crying you always calm me down. I have so many things that I don’t think I can put them all to word.
You have set a firm foundation for me to build my life on.
I hope you know how blessed I feel to have you in my life.
I love you

Sunday Kapesi

Dear Dad,
It’s almost two years since you passed away, 81 years young. You have been on my mind a lot lately as I continue to grow as a father to your beautiful three grandkids, grow as an uncle to your four nephews and nieces and as a brother to your four children. Stepping into your humongous shoes and supporting mom been one of the biggest lessons in my life.
I have to say that it’s been amazing watching mum fulfil your wishes for us, in terms of guiding us to invest and to save money, push us to stay healthy and pursue our dreams all the while, carving her own path in life without you. She’s been nothing short of inspiring.
Nicole; I have come understand that she continues to be the heartbeat of our family. Carries your wisdom and foresight, and has mum’s empathy and is our go to person to whoever is struggling.
Vicky continues to grow into the responsible, hardworking doctor you raised her to be. Jp has a new job and as usual, remains responsible.
Dad, I have struggled since you left us. Not sure if you were aware, but I struggle with anxiety. The family has really come through. I am getting their support, I am in therapy and doing very well.
I am back to building on my academic interests and recently took a professional course, my first in a decade and with more courses to come. I recall your emphasis on education, watch me push myself from this moment on towards my PHD someday. I will keep you posted.  
Lastly Dad, your three grandkids miss you, they are growing up fast and it brings me to tears that you are no longer home on the weekends when I bring them to receive mum’s blessings and entertain her. I know, should you have been here, I would have experienced my happiest moments as a dad every so often in watching you and mom with them, playing and laughing. Their mums are doing well, raising them to be healthy and vibrant and continue to encourage me to be present and their lives. They miss you to.
By the way, our favourite team Liverpool finally won the league title for the first time in 30 years. We have added a few other big trophies as well. You and I would have enjoyed those moments together as fathers and sons should, with hugs and laughter and a cold Heineken.
Until next time, enjoy your evening walks, rest assured that we are taking care of mum and she’s taking care of us.
Your son,

It takes a lot to raise a human being. For those who celebrate today without dad being present, for whatever reason, let the joy and warmth that comes with remembering the time you spent with him remind you to take a moment to say ‘thank you daddy.’