Audrey Makwaia: Pool Olympian in the making

Sunday June 13 2021
Audrey pic

Miss Audrey Makwaia has continuously been prospering in her swimming tournaments.

By Diana Elinam

Swimming at an earlier age helps a child to get fit and survive water accidents. It is also a fun-filled and happy activity.

For a very long time, in many countries toddlers under four years were not allowed to swim.

Recently, this has changed and many young ones worldwide have started taking their swimming lessons seriously with some swimmers as young as one.

Audrey Makwaia

Miss Audrey Makwaia has continuously been prospering in her swimming tournaments.


She studies at Academic International Primary School (A.I.P.S.) in Dar es Salaam and is in the third grade.

Her favourite subject is English while her favourite activity is swimming.

Audrey is just eight years old now but she began swimming when she was three.

“My journey to swimming has been good because I started when I was very young. Back then I didn’t participate in many competitions because I was young and they were no tournaments for my category,” says Audrey.

Now that Audrey is older, she gets good lap times and sets good records.

She has been winning medals and trophies too.

This has led her to becoming the best swimmer in the girls’ 8 and under competition she won two golden trophies and one bronze trophy.

Audrey says she goes to training with her sister Myra Makwaia who also performs well in her category every Monday to Friday.

Swim-school balance

Audrey also talked about balancing school work and swimming and she pointed out that swimming has two different schedules.

Sometimes training starts 4pm and ends at 6 pm while on other days it starts at 5:30pm and ends at 7pm.

“I do swimming for fun and fitness and I want to work hard, beat my time and break other people’s records so I may become a professional swimmer” says Audrey.

Her current swimmer level achievement is the Minnows.

Audrey is grateful to her sister Myra who is her role model and supporting system as well as her whole family who cheer for her during competitions and always make sure she gets to training on time, eat healthy and rest enough.

Audrey also says she enjoys the training; she says, “I like being fit, I also enjoy making friends who come to swim”.

She advises other kids not to be shy, work hard, pull up their socks and do it.