What gift did you give your mother recently?


  • Your mom will be happy to see you grow up to be a good person, a happy person, and achieve your life goals

A gift is something good; it shows how much you care for and value someone. Anyone receiving a gift will certainly feel loved and appreciated, no matter how small or big the gift might be, what matters is the heart that gives.

On March 8 every year, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, celebrating our mothers and sisters. We love them, and we appreciate all that they are to us.

The commitment, hard work, and sacrifices that they sometimes have to make for us have made us who we are.

We are grateful to them for their unconditional love and unwavering support, which assures us of our wellbeing and a promising future. Who is like mom? Certainly no one! No one can take the place of a mother. Our moms really deserve gifts. Did you give your mom a gift? What was it? If you didn’t, what’s your plan? Hopefully you won’t forget.

You are a gift

Don’t worry if you didn’t gift your mother on women’s day. You’ll gift her next time. Nevertheless, do you know that you are a gift to your mom? Children are a gift to their parents.

Our mothers are always happy and grateful to have us as their children. One wise person once made it clear that children are the greatest gift to a parent. Indeed, as children, we are a gift; we are a blessing.

Be a bigger gift

We are now aware that we are a gift to our parents. You are a gift to your mother. Don’t you think that you could be a bigger gift? If a person gives you a gift, you will be happy. If the same person gives you a bigger gift, you will be happier.

So what if you become a bigger gift to your mom and make her happier? Here is how you can be an even bigger gift:

Behave well by respecting your parents, teachers, relatives, and others.

Be a disciplined child. Study hard so you may perform well in your studies.

Develop your talents and keep on working hard so that you may grow up to be a responsible person and achieve your life goals.

Don’t forget to always be jovial, for you will make your parents smile. Bear in mind that your mom will be happy to see you grow up to be a good person, a happy person, and achieve your life goals.

Be a bigger gift! Make your mom proud!