SME to distribute five million tree seedlings to farmers

Wednesday April 14 2021
By Zephania Ubwani

Arusha. An agricultural inputs and service provider will distribute a total of five million tree seedlings to farmers across the country in the next five years.

One Acre Fund, now renamed Ekari Moja (Tanzania) Limited, will provide the farmers with the seedlings for planting for soil enrichment, enhanced conservation and timber production.

“This is our country wide programme as we diversify our support to the farmers,” said Ms Isaria Meena, the organisation’s head of forestry. According to her, at least 200,000 seedlings would be distributed for planting this year in the five regions where the facility operates.

So far more than 130,000 trees seedling varieties have been distributed to the farmers under the programme since last year.

“Some tree seedlings would be planted for harvesting of timber. That would raise the income of the farmers while others are intended to improve soil fertility and climate smart agriculture,” she said.

Within the Arusha Region, the company operates in 13 villages in Arumeru District. It also supports farmers in Iringa, Njombe, Songwe and Mbeya regions.


Monday’s event kick started the weeklong distribution of 45,000 tree seedlings in Arumeru, 6,000 at Sakila Juu village.

The farmers and non-farmers within the 13 villages will receive Casuarina, Glisidia and Grevillea robusta tree seedlings for foil enrichment and timber production.

Launching the exercise, district forestry officer Joseph Massawe said trees were among the economic assets for farmers through agroforestry.

He said tree planting was directly linked agricultural production through reduced soil erosion, increased fertility and retained soil moisture which will enhance growth of crops.