New dawn for Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam Port as it receives its largest container ship ever

Dar es Salaam. The MSC ADU V, carrying 4,000 containers, has docked at the Port of Dar es Salaam for the first time, marking the arrival of the largest container ship in Tanzania’s history.

Built in 2005, the MSC ADU V measures 294.12 meters long, nearly the length of three football fields. It arrived on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

The Acting Manager of the Dar es Salaam Port, Mr Abeid Gallus, told reporters at the weekend that the ship's arrival was a result of recent port improvements and investments by DP World.

He said that upgrades to the port's depth, increased from 8-13.7 meters to 14.5 meters.

This, he said, allows ships of up to 305 meters long and 13.5 meters deep to dock comfortably.

"This is a historic milestone for us. Initially, we handled ships of up to 267 meters long but with these enhancements, Dar es Salaam Port can now accommodate larger vessels," Gallus said.

He said the ongoing improvements under the new investor, DP World, have visibly enhanced port operations.

Gallus explained that accommodating larger ships like the MSC ADU V would not only increase cargo volume but also reduce transportation costs for clients using the port.

"Our aim is to expedite the unloading and loading process. The MSC ADU V will discharge its cargo within five days, facilitating efficient turnaround times," Gallus stated.

According to Gallus, the previous largest ship to dock at Dar es Salaam Port was 267 meters long, carrying 3,500 containers. The port's recent milestones include receiving the Frontier Ace on April 18, 2022, carrying 4,041 vehicles, and the Norwegian Cruise Line Dawn on January 16, 2024, with 2,210 passengers.

The Director of Dar es Salaam Port, Mr Mrisho Mrisho, had earlier expressed confidence in the port's future readiness to accommodate even larger ships.