SMEs digest: Firm to invest Sh700 million in honey-making

Friday September 24 2021
Honey pic
By Gadiosa Lamtey

Dar es Salaam. A Singida-based company will invest over Sh700 million this year in honey production.

Kijiji Cha Nyuki will inject the money into modern bee hives following a rise in demand for Tanzanian honey in both the domestic and international markets.

By expanding its factory, the company will also be creating more jobs for young people in various fields, the company’s CEO, Philemon Kiemi, told The Citizen recently.

The company is currently in the process of importing modern and automated machines that would speed up production.

While traditional beehives can produce only about five litres of honey per year, modern ones can produce up to 30 litres.

Similarly, while traditional ones offer only honey, modern ones give a farmer other bee products such as wax, pollen and royal jelly.


“Our ambitious goal is to ensure that the beekeeping industry grows - and that young people get jobs by being engaged in the beekeeping industry,” said Mr Kiemi.

Working through their Singida Tech Hive Company, Kijiji Cha Nyuki can make some 400 modern hives a day, and the plan is to make 1,200 bee hives aday.

Currently, the firm’s products are sold in more than six regions - and also exported to Kenya, Plans are to also export to Rwanda.

A beekeeper based in Kigoma Region, Mr Gasper Habona, said he used old tanks, in the past, which gave low yields - unlike the modern beehives that he started using recently.

“Currently, by using modern beehives, I get up to 18 litres of honey in one season - and harvest honey three times a year. To be honest, my mind and energy are now directed towards beekeeping only - because it pays well. I now own and operate 63 modern hives,” he boasted.