Tanzania gears up for manufacturers exhibition

CTI director general, Mr Leodger Tenga. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • A four-day international Expo will take place from September 26 to 29, 2024, at the Saba Saba Grounds in Dar es Salaam.

Dar es Salaam. The Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI), in collaboration with the Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade), has announced the dates for the second annual Tanzania International Manufacturers Expo (TIMEXPO 2024).

A four-day international Expo will take place from September 26 to 29, 2024, at the Saba Saba Grounds in Dar es Salaam.

With the theme “Building Bridges: Connecting Local and International Manufacturers,” TIMEXPO 2024 will showcase cutting-edge technologies in diverse sectors, bringing over 500 exhibitors from both local and international industrial players.

“We believe that we are going to have a much bigger Expo involving more International players with top-notch innovations,” said, CTI director general, Mr Leodger Tenga.

Moreover, he revealed that the Expo will provide the opportunity to gather market intelligence and gain insights into the latest trends in the industry, as well as prevailing consumer preferences, by having direct contact with users.

He added: “The platform will also give a chance for exhibitors to build brand awareness and enhance the reputation of their organisations within the community, and many more.”

However, he said TIMEXPO 2024 will feature exhibitors from all over the world to showcase their equipment and products in various sectors, including but not limited to building and construction materials, extractive manufacturing (metals, minerals, and plastics), agri-processing, paints industry, textile and leather industry, cosmetics industry, manufacturing of consumer goods, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy technologies, electrical appliances, modern industrial equipment and machinery and more.

On the other hand, Mr Fortunatus Mhambe, Acting Director of the Business Development Department at TanTrade, said TIME XPO is an opportunity for both local and foreign manufacturers to make business connections and exchange expertise.

“I believe it will be an event for exchanging expertise and showcasing how various manufacturers conduct their operations and the products they produce as well,” he said.

For his part, the chief executive officer of KP Motors, Mr Masoud Kipanya, said this is the right time for domestic manufacturers to change the country’s direction from being a market for selling imported goods to being a place for producing and selling goods abroad.

“There is no need for magic in implementing this. If we learn and decide, we will create many new products and change the notion we have that we cannot produce products like cars and others,” he explained.