Harmonize unveils fourth studio album, ‘Visit Bongo’

Dar es Salaam. Bongo Flava sensation Harmonize has once again captivated audiences with the release of his highly anticipated fourth studio album, 'Visit Bongo'.

This 14-track album showcases a fusion of Bongo Flava, Afrobeat, RnB, and Amapiano sounds as he takes his fans on a musical journey through the diverse landscapes of Tanzania.

Harmonize's Musical Tapestry With "Visit Bongo," Harmonize has crafted a musical tapestry that resonates with his home fans while also offering a blend of genres that will appeal to a wider global audience.

The album's title, ‘Visit Bongo’, serves as a beckoning call to Harmonize's global fanbase, encouraging them to explore the richness of Tanzania's wildlife and culture.

"With 'Visit Bongo,' I wanted to create an album that represents the heart and soul of Tanzania. Each track is a celebration of our culture, our sounds, and an invitation for fans worldwide to experience the beauty of 'Bongo.' This is a special album for me, and I hope it resonates with everyone who listens," says Harmonize.

‘Visit Bongo’ features collaborations that transcend borders, including the soulful partnership with Rwanda's Bruce Melodie on the track "Zanzibar" and a magnetic remix of "Single Again" with South Africa's Nkosazana Daughter.

A special highlight of the album is the track ‘Best Woman’, a heartfelt homage to Harmonize's mother, Mama Konde (Mama Harmonize), and all the beautiful mothers around the world. The song celebrates the strength, love, and resilience embodied by mothers globally.

This release of the album marks Harmonize's evolution following the success of "Afro East," "High School," and "Made for Us."

With "Visit Bongo," Harmonize has delivered a musical evolution, showcasing his growth as an artist and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of Bongo Flava.

With the latest development, the singer is already looking forward to an upcoming project, which promises a more diverse lineup and an inclination towards a wider global market.