Harmonize to release two albums this year

With three albums already under his belt, Tanzanian singer Harmonize shows no signs of slowing down as he announces the release of two upcoming albums.

Harmonize, who left his mark with the sophomore album High School in 2021 and followed up with Made For Us in 2022, has taken the Tanzanian music scene by storm with an unprecedented move: the announcement of two albums set to release on the same day.

On his Insta Story, Harmonize shared his plans of releasing not one but two albums simultaneously.

He explained that one album would cater to his devoted Bongo Flava fans, while the other would be geared towards a global audience.

 In addition, he noted that the album market presented a less crowded competitive landscape, further underscoring his unique approach.

In 2023, several other Tanzanian artists have graced the music scene with their album releases, including "Heir To The Throne" by Tommy Flavour, Most People Want This by Navy Kenzo, and Marioo's The Kid You Know Deluxe.