Zari Hassan reveals latest boyfriend’s name

Sunday February 14 2021
Zari pic
By Agencies

With 3 days to go before Valentine’s Day is here; Ms Zari Hassan has already confirmed that she is taken – and unlike her hook ups – the boss lady introduced her latest catch to fans following up with her personal life.

As seen in several photos shared on her IG stories, Zari not only flaunted her lovers hand; but also got to talk about how big and dark his hands are. For those who missed out on the posts, let’s just say Zari was basically reminding fans that she can bag whichever man she wants! Money talks. With such a post, it’s evident to see that she is undeniably in love; but this time around we hope that she stays and lives in love as fans cannot take any more heartbreak posts from the mother of 5. (Agencies)

Mostly because at her age, I guess she should be able to tell a serious man from a joker – but who am I kidding…you never see it coming!