African gospel singer making a name beyond the continent

Friday June 04 2021
Singer [pic

Congolese gospel singer living in Canada, Icha Kavons.

By The Citizen Reporter

Many gospel music fans have continued to listen to songs from various artists. Among those songs is ‘Faithful Till The End’ from Icha Kavons, a Congolese gospel singer living in Canada.

Get acquainted with Icha Kavons, who has successfully rocked the music charts in Canada and won several international awards for his creative musical work in and out of Africa.

Q: Briefly tell us who Icha Kavons is and how you got into the music industry

I am a contemporary gospel vocalist, known for my diversity and ability to lead into the presence of God, whilst also making you dance.

I broke through with my 2014 debut EP, Second Chance, which opened many doors for me to travel around the world.



Q: What challenges do you face in your career in and out of Canada?

The challenges are very visible in Canada, especially if you don’t attend a well know church. It's very difficult for a gospel artist to get support. Production isn’t cheap, very expensive and at the same time you have to be willing to promote yourself, due to lack of gospel Radio/TV station and blogs.

Q: What singers from East Africa, especially Tanzania would you like to collaborate with?

Actually, I have a few friends in Tanzania like Jessica Honore BM, Paul Clement, but I have always wanted to work with Christina Shusho, she is one of my favourites in Tanzania.

Q: What success have you had so far in your career as a gospel singer?

There’s been a few milestones: In 2015 I won the Afrima Best Gospel Artist  in Dallas Texas alongside, Sammy Okposo (Nigeria), Nikki Laoye (Nigeria), Soweto Gospel Choir (South Africa), Uche Agu (Nigeria), No Tribe (Ghana), Ntokozo Mbambo (South Africa) and Willy Paul from Kenya. In 2016, I won Best Inspirational Song (Testimony) in Lagos Nigeria.

Q: What other activities do you do outside of music?

I am an investor and I love playing basketball

Q: What message did you want to convey to the fans through your song ‘Faithful Till The End’, and how can new fan get access your music?

The message is simply no matter the situation you’re going through, God remains Faithful to the end, so we need to trust him at all times. My music is available on all digital platforms: YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and Boom play for everyone in Africa.

I can also be reached on Instagram and Twitter @ichakavons.

Q:  What are your plans this year regarding your music?

This year, once Covid-19 is over, me and my team are planning a small tour in Africa (Congo, Uganda and maybe Kenya).